Acer Confirms Aspire Revo Price & Release Date

Available from £149 on 5 May.

If you thought the prices for the Acer Aspire Revo listed by Play were tempting, then you’re going to be even more pleased to hear they were over-shooting the MSRPs by some way. The Revo should be available from even more tempting prices come 5 May.

The entry level Revo will come in at just £149.99, according to Acer, running Linux with only 1GB of RAM and 8GB of solid-state storage. That might seem a little meagre, but coupled either a reasonable capacity external drive, or a NAS device there’s no real need for any more local space.

Should Windows and more hard drive capacity be required, then there’s the £249.99 Revo, sporting 2GB of RAM, Windows Vista and a 160GB hard drive. A third SKU comes bundled with Acer’s wireless, Wiimote-esque controller and will cost £299.99. The controller will be priced at £49.99 separately, and functions as a wireless mouse, as well as twisting into a gun-like controller for use in games.

Every Revo comes with a VESA mount in the box enabling easy behind-monitor attachment. While I’m sure most Revo buyers will never use that option, not forcing purchase of a mount if wanted is definitely a good move on Acer’s part.

Acer tells us that the Revo should be available from all the usual suspects on launch day.