Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T Leaked

Acer might just have hit the 11.6in nail on the head with this one.

I swear there must be something in the air causing this sudden run on 11.6in low-power notebooks. Following the Medion E1312 and Packard Bell dot m/a/ is the Acer Aspire Timeline 1810T. Leaked via Macles, this could be the 11.6in system we’ve been waiting for.

Crammed into the same chassis as the 11.6in Aspire One, with a few tweaks, the same 1,366 x 768 resolution is present; but otherwise the two systems entirely different. Acer has been smart enough to realise that an Atom CPU is just not powerful enough for a machine of this size, and instead opted for Intel’s 1.4GHz SU3500 combined with the GS45 Express chipset, providing GMA4500MHD graphics (which, you might be aware, supports hardware HD-decoding).

Up to 4GB of RAM can be installed (versus the 2GB maximum of your typical netbook) and though Vista Home Premium will be installed by default, Windows 7 will be a free upgrade come October. An HDMI output, Ethernet, Draft-N wireless and optional Bluetooth and 3G modules make for a comprehensive level of connectivity.

The snag? We don’t know the price and with a spec that compelling, you just know it’s going to be out of impulse-buy territory. Nonetheless, when the closest competition I can think of is Sony’s Vaio TT, Acer has a fair bit of leeway to make the 1810T seem cheap in comparison.