Accell Announces 1440p HDMI Switch

About as cool as this technology gets, which isn't very.

It seems that specifications in the high definition world are set to remain in a permanent state of flux. While HD DVD at least manages to remain constant thus far, Blu-ray and HDMI have undergone several revisions each since being launched into the marketplace, several of which have made old technology redundant.

This makes us all the more pleased to see manufacturers try to future proof their products, and the latest HDMI switch from Accell bears that in mind. The UltraAV 2-1 supports the newest HDMI 1.3a Category 2 standard with resolutions up to 1440p (2,560 x 1,440 – we doubt this will be a used or useful feature any time soon though) Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD Audio along with Deep Colour when it finally turns up.

Handily, the switch doesn’t require a separate power source so it can be hidden out of sight behind your TV, while an IR receiver extender is provided in the box to facilitate this. Considering most of us find available power supplies disappear almost as fast as inputs, it’s certainly a great selling point. Though there’s no mention of a release date, price wise it’s set to be half the price of a 4-port HDMI switch we looked at recently at $99 or around £60.

Accell press release.

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