Abit Demos First HDMI Fitted Mobo

Progress, isn't it marvelous...

It was barely two months ago that we saw the first HDMI enabled graphics card but those clever chappies over at Abit have now gone and added the same connector to a mobo.


Scooped by DailyTech, the Abit IL-80MV is based on Intel’s 945GT and features both 15pin D-sub analogue and HDMI video out. In addition, Silicon Image has it under scrutiny for AACS certification so it looks like copy protected HDCP signals and thus pre-recorded High Def heaven will be in out grasp for launch.

Curiously for such a trend setter there is no PCIe 16x adaptor, odd considering it has been made specifically for the impending cutting edge Core 2 Duo (Yonah) processors. That said other 945GT features appear present and correct including a 667MHz FSB and ICH7m-DH southbridge and the usual FireWire, USB2.0, SATA II et al are present and correct.


Interestingly, Abit will fit its Silent OTES passive cooling technology to the IL-80MV before launch (its not present on this photographed current early build) so the company is clearly pushing it as a multimedia powerhouse. Consequently expect the price to be reasonable when this intriguing piece of kit debuts towards the end of next month.

After all, what frame rates are you going to get in the latest FPS-es with a PCIe single speed slot?

Abit UK

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