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Bionic Bonking Revolution: A quarter of men would have sex with a robot

24% of US men are up for some humanoid hanky-panky, according to a YouGov survey.

If that sounds like a lot, nearly half of Americans (49%) expect having sex with robots to become common practice within the next 50 years.

Futurist Dr. Ian Pearson predicts that bionic bonking will even overtake human rumpy-pumpy by 2050, which seemingly sounds ideal to one in four men.

Women are apparently less keen to get frisky with an automaton lover, with just one in ten game for doing the no-pants dance with a cyborg.

33% of people wouldn’t actually consider a robotic affair cheating, so the morals of the whole dastardly deed appear to still be up for some debate.

The future is coming and it sounds terrifying.

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