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8 British indie games firms win free stand space at Gadget Show Live

The Gadget Show Live takes place next month. This year, it’s given eight British independent games developers free floorspace to show off its games.

The competition saw tons of studios vie for the chance to get free exhibition space. The following eight stood out from the rest, and will be showing off their games to the show’s 75,000 visitors over four days.

It’s a very varied bunch of games. Hue (by studio Fiddlesticks) is a stark puzzle platformer that sees you shifting the hue of the world, creating rifts when colours collide. Everyone in this world sees in greyscale, though a researcher has created a mysterious ring that lets the owner perceive and alter colour.

Esper 2 (by Coatsink) puts you in the shoes of an agent from the enigmatic ESPR organisation, dealing with special citizens with telekinetic abilities.

Line Wobbler (by AI Panic) is a more stripped-back affair. It’s a one-dimensional dungeon crawler game that’s an exercise in minimalist game design. And wait until you see the custom controller – it’s made from a spring and a 5m-long LED strip display.

Blockships (by DrDavient) is described as the illegitimate love child of Space Invaders and Tetris. The aim? To build a better ship while shooting down your friends’. Expect multiplayer larks galore.

Ever wondered what a song would look like if it was a racing track? Drive Any Track (by Foam Entertainment) means you don’t have to wonder any more. It turns songs in your music library into tracks for you to race along. Just avoid any Barry Manilow.

Bip (by Invisibit Studios) is a 3D puzzler that tests your logical thinking but also your moral ethics. You solve puzzles, avoid lasers and enemy robots, but also have to make ethical decisions called compassion choices.

Button Frenzy (by zerofiftyone) will challenge your memory and reflexes. It’s a fast-paced arcade game – think Simon Says with gamepad buttons, vibrant visuals and drum and bass.

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Finally, Radial-G: Racing Revolved (by Tammeka) is a futuristic racing game with 16 real and Ai opponents. We’re promised tubular tracks, gut-wrenching twists, jumps, splits and inverted racing, all in the splendour of virtual reality.

The Gadget Show Live takes place from March 31– April 3 at the NEC in Birmingham. To see these games in action, head to the Indie Zone.