7800GT Now Silent

Now the beast is welcome in your living room.

More power is always good (do I sound like a megalomaniac?), but it always comes at a price (do I sound like a banished megalomaniac?). In the case of graphics cards the enemy has always been noise, but Asus is the first to tame nVidia’s seven series.


The ‘EN7800GT TOP Slient’ really spells out what is on offer here: a 7800GT card which is silent thanks to the company’s famous TOP passive cooling technology. What is doesn’t reveal, however, is that the card also manages to pack way more punch than a vanilla 7800GT.

With a GPU clocked at 420MHz (20MHz over the norm) and 1.6ns DDR3 memory (opposed to 2.0ns seen elsewhere) running at a blazing 620MHz x 2, the card is way above the defacto 500MHz x2 that some editions ship with. As for the running temperature, Asus boasts it is no less than 40 degrees cooler than comparable thermal solutions and the copper fins positioned on the joint design can actually be rotated 90 degrees (angles, not centigrade this time) to avoid getting in the way of other critical internal components and thus improving heat dissipation. Clever stuff.

Available immediately the EN7800GT TOP Silent can be found retailing online from £285 excluding VAT, which – in my book – makes it rather a bargain (at least for the next few seconds until graphics card prices are slashed again).

Asus UK