65nm CPU Fitted Xbox 360s In Stores

Halo 3 edition consoles more elite than previously thought.

Was the funky design enough to persuade you to buy a Halo 3 edition Xbox 360 last week? No? Well you might be more tempted by the fact that at least some of said run of consoles are starting to ship with the new Falcon boards – i.e. featuring the revised 65nm CPU. That’s right, Official Xbox 360 Forum member JWSpeed has posted photographs of the insides of his new console detailing the new heatsink arrangement and CPU.

Despite being told at a certain Xbox event that there was no official word from Redmond as to when Falcon chipsets would be shipping, it seems that manufacture had started as far back as August when we first heard the rumours that Falcon consoles were indeed being moved from the manufacturing plants.

Of course as Microsoft has already confirmed, this was always intended to be a soft-launch so there’s no word on how to tell whether your console is going to have a 65nm CPU or not although buying a Halo 3 Edition console should give you the best statistical chance because they only started being produced recently. Anything with a manufacture date after mid-August seems a reasonable bet though.

Hopefully over the coming weeks we can find out whether these new Falcon chips are less prone to the Red Ring of Death syndrome – opinion is divided in the office as to whether this will be the case. Still, many people have probably been holding off buying an Xbox while waiting for these new CPUs to turn up, so we may see yet another spike in sales even after half the planet appears to have been playing Halo 3 over the weekend.

Official Xbox Forums – 65nm CPU thread.