3rd Gen iPhone Getting Digital Compass

App approval now also requires firmware 3.0 compatibility.

Now here’s a simple, yet sensible idea…

Continuing the highly welcome approach I like to dub ”common sense” that was introduced with iPhone OS 3.0 is news the next generation iPhone will be fitted with a magnetometer. In English this is a digital compass and its existence has been confirmed by screens from the debugging menu in the latest iPhone OS 3.0 beta.

Why is this a good thing? Other than the potential for wildly inventive apps (think of the treasure hunt possibilities!) it should be a great help to the GPS system. After all knowing where you are and knowing where your destination is are only so much help when you have to walk 100 metres in one direction before getting your bearings. It would also surely have an amazing knock-on effect when using Google Street View.

Like the accelerometer could digital compasses become the next defacto addition to smartphones? Fingers crossed.

”’In related news”’ Apple has declared all newly submitted iPhone apps must now be compatible with firmware 3.0 to be granted approval. This may seem like yet more power mongering but in reality it should help guarantee the majority of apps are compatible when this major update launches. Besides, v3.0 brings parental controls so with its arrival the strict moderation of more adult content could well become a thing of the past. Again, fingers crossed…

via BGR

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