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Fortnite Playground gamers have already recreated Mario Kart

Inventive Fortnite gamers are already putting the newly released Playground Mode to good use, with attempts to recreate Mario Kart-style tracks and races within the game.

The new Limited Time mode, which allows gamers to get creative within the multi-platform phenomenon is the canvas for the creators. They’re using bounce pads as jumps and shopping carts as vehicles. Modders even borrowed sound effects and music from the franchise in order to add the finishing touches.

Reddit user JoshB_C users the Tilted Towers to create a Tilted Track. In another video, players must bounce over the Loot Lake using a ramp, in a scene reminiscent of the old Mushroom Gorge.

Unfortunately, there’s no option for these creations to be saved so the rest of the community can take part, as they can in games like Super Mario Maker.

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Redditors (via Nintendo Life) are impressed with the creations with Whosaidwutnow commenting: “Spectacular use of the terrain! Really feels like a Mario Kart map. I love how the track runs on the ground and weaves through the buildings. Like the whole city was put there as a backdrop.”

Other posters called for an official Mario Kate 8 meets Fortnite mashup on the Switch. Others griped, but, you know, that’s Reddit for you.

Other Playground users have recreated Call of Duty’s Nuketown map, while another offers some pixel art in the form of a Charmander from Pokemon.

While the Limited Time Mode is believed to have delayed the release of Playground, Fornite fanatics might be a little more forgiving given these results.

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