DJI Goggles RE may be the ultimate accessory for drone racers

Drone kingpin DJI has announced a new version of its awesome Goggles that give pilots a first-person view of their flights.

The new DJI Goggles RE are designed for drone racing enthusiasts (hence Racing Edition) and offer a sexier metallic matte black visor with a read leather inner headband.

They’ll work perfectly with the Mavic Pro, Spark, Phantom or Inspire drones.

That’s great news if you’re thinking of buying a DJI drone during the Black Friday sales event. There’s a load of great deals available across the web right now ahead of the big weekend of discounts. Here are a few:

However, the best news though is the compatibility with non DJI drones, water or land vehicles thanks to an additional camera module.

DJI says: “Precisely engineered for racing, DJI Goggles RE are compatible with an OcuSync video transmission module and a high-performance camera module, which work together to transmit digital video signal from up to 7 km away with latency as low as 50 ms,1 in addition to analog signal. Fly with smooth, clear video and experience the thrill of drone racing like never before.”

The headset is compatible with voice commands and won’t fall victim to interference if you’re racing with friends, DJI says.

The built-in DVR will record at 1280 x 960p video at 50fps, while the camera module itself has a 148-degree field of view. The Goggles also support a variety of third-party controllers.

Now comes the bad news. The Goggles and camera aren’t cheap. The standalone DJI Goggles RE are $549. If you want the OcuSync Air System, then you’ll be forking over $859. Ouch.

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