3 Launches Mobile Broadband From £10 Per Month

Kicking its rivals to the data highway curb.

Looks like the sector is finally getting some much needed competition.

Ever improving network 3 has announced that it is to launch a new mobile broadband service for laptop users called ‘Turbo’ and at fantastic prices.

It will make three options available: ‘Broadband Lite’ – an entry level package which costs a mere £10pm with a 1GB allowance, ‘Broadband Plus’ a £15pm deal for 3GB per month and ‘Broadband Max’ for heavy users which provides up to 7GB for £25pm.

Perhaps better still however is news that should you go over your allotted allowance then you pay just 10p per megabyte. In addition, 3 will also offer customers a broadband modem for between free and £99 depending on the package and contract length.

So how does this compare to the opposition? Remarkably well considering the industry’s previous best two T-Mobile and Vodafone start at £29pm and £25pm for 3GB respectively. As for O2 and Orange, don’t even go there.

Info on the new 3 service isn’t yet live on the company’s site, but the service will kick off on 4 September.

I used to hate 3, these days I find it impossible not to admire it…

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