3 Launches Its First SIM Only Deals

Bringing its liberal approach to VoIP with them.

Being smaller than the other major UK telcos means 3 has consistently tried (and often succeeded) to out innovate them but for once here is it playing catch-up…

The network today announced its first SIM only monthly contract tariffs bringing it in line with O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Virgin. Unlike this quintet however 3 is once again being progressive about it.

Rather than the usual more-minutes-more-texts approach adopted elsewhere 3 is pitching £10pm for 100 minutes and £15pm for 300 minutes to any network then bolstering that with unlimited texts, unlimited 3 to 3 minutes and unlimited free usage of Windows Live Messager and Skype-to-Skype calls. Naturally you’ll need a handset capable of running these programmes to take advantage but it doesn’t half make the idea of unlocking a decent mobile attractive again.

As with a number of rival SIM only deals, 3’s plans run on rolling 30 day contracts and it isn’t wasting any time by making them available beginning this Bank Holiday weekend. That £99.99 INQ 1 is looking mighty tasty about now…

3 Pay Monthly SIM Only