2nd Gen Widescreen Thinkpads Debut

The famous brand continues to look in good hands.

It is rather well known that our roving editor is quite the Thinkpad fan, so he more than most had reason for concern when IBM flogged its entire PC division to Lenovo for $1.75bn in December 04. So far so reasonably good however and the latest round of upgrades look unlikely to disappoint.


Two ranges get a boost this week. Firstly, we see the Z61m, e and t (the latter – pictured above – a follow up to the Z60t which had Riyad a little concerned in December) and the most obvious changes here are the introduction of Intel Core Duo technology.

CPUs up to the T2500 (2GHz, 2MB cache, 667MHz FSB) are now available along with 100GB hard drives, fingerprint readers and a maximum of two gigs of RAM. The m and e sport 15.4in widescreen displays capable of WXGA+ and WXGA resolutions respectively, while the 14in Z61t manages WXGA+ (1440 x 900) which is a boost to the rather disappointing 1280 x 768 on its predecessor.

Graphics remain integrated across the line – excluding the m which gets an ATI X1400 dedicated card with 128MB of onboard memory – but at least Intel’s GMA 950 is better than the the GMA 900 provided previously. Given the lines’ portability (t – 1.9Kg, m and e – 2.4Kg) prices are reasonably cheap starting from $1,929 though we remain cautious as to how that will translate over here.


Now given that the R52 was appeared more than one year ago it is safe to say a successor was well overdue. To this end we also get the R60 (above) this week, an Intel Core Duo T2500 sporting, 14in SXGA+ totting, 1GB RAM pushing, 100GB HDD storing, Mobility Radeon M52/54 boasting budget thin and light.

The R60’s party peace is clearly its 10 hour claimed operation time off an extended life battery, but the fact that the price can be knocked all the way down to $1,299 with entry level specs (T2400, XGA res, 512MB RAM, 60GB HDD) is also not to be sniffed at for the style conscious business user.

Furthermore, the R60 is first out the gate arriving this week, with the three Z61 incarnations appearing before the end of the month. If you just purchased a Z60 or R52, I’m sorry technology’s cruel.

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