2MP Camera On World’s Skinnest Mobile

Looks an absolute belter...

Now this is how we like our mobiles: skinny, skinny, skinny (if you like them fat you’re just ”wrong” and ”weird” and should be denounced as some kind of freak). So imagine our surprise to find the latest bulimic model from Samsung isn’t a vapid airhead either.


At just 6.9mm thick I had expected the SGH-X820 to come equipped with the attributes of a mildly retarded amoeba but here’s the kicker. Not only does the X820 sport a swanky two megapixel integrated digital camera, but also 80MB of onboard memory, Bluetooth, an MP3 player, file viewer and TV Out port so it can display its content on a big screen.

So despite appearing like a brain dead floozy this is actually a Carol Voderman after some world class plastic surgery (I know she got a third class degree, but can you do maths like her?). Better still, the launch date is in May so we’re not talking about a concept phone due in the far flung future. All that remains to be sorted is a price, and why Samsung chose to snap two random women wondering around with it in Moscow?


That was fast. Apparently its because the handset will be on display at ‘Sviaz ExpoComm which is held in Russia from 10 -13 May. Know it all readers…

”’Update 2:”’

Here’s some un-Russianed shots:


Samsung UK

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