$299 Dell Mini 10v Spotted

Cheap like a netbook should be!

Dell’s forthcoming Mini 10v is set to buck the recent trend of netbooks getting ever more expensive. Spearing in Dell’s May e-catalogue, the 10v is priced at a tasty $299 (~£200) which would make it by far the cheapest netbook yet.

Best of all, Dell doesn’t seem to have made any major compromises to reach that price point. A 1.6GHz Atom N270 replaces the Z-series CPUs in the standard mini 10 and the hard drive only offers 120GB of storage, rather than 160GB as so usually seen but otherwise it’s business as usual.

In fact, were it not for the upgrade options available on the Mini 10, one would think Dell was rather shooting itself in the foot offering basically the same netbook for a significantly lower price. And on the subject of upgrades, the Mini 10 looks set to get SSD upgrade options, both 32GB and 64GB. Although having appeared on the site earlier, hard drive these choices have suddenly disappeared.

Roll on the £200 Mini 10v for the UK!

Dell e-catalogue – May (Page 13).