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2020 GoCycle GX loses weight, folds faster

Last year’s GoCycle GX proved that electric bikes could be portable and relatively easy to manage on public transport; this year, the company is back with the 2020 GoCycle GX, which offers further improvements.

The 2020 GoCycleGX has been given a design refresh, taking the range-topping GXi’s front fork that’s designed to improve rider comfort and dynamics. GoCycle has also tidied up the cabling, with all cables bar one run internally. As well as giving the ebike a more streamlined and neater look, internal cabling makes it slightly easier to fold the bike and to remove the battery for charging.

In videos presented by the company, the GoCycle GX can be folded in under 10 seconds, and then rolled on its two wheels for easier transport, so cyclists won’t have to lift it as often.

All these changes have resulted in GoCycle shaving off 300g of weight compared to last year’s model, putting the 2020 GoCycle’s overall weight at 17.5kg. That’s heavier than an equivalent pedal-powered Brompton, but batteries and motors do add considerable weight.

What shouldn’t have changed in the redesign is that the GoCycle GX should be a dream to cycle, making even the steepest of hills effortless to ride. Like its predecessor, it’s an ebike designed from scratch, rather than a traditional bike updated with a motor. Included as standard is front-wheel traction control for ride stability, and the bike is capable of a maximum speed of 20mph. This will be limited in the UK to 15.5mph in order to meet ebike regulations.

When we rode the 2019 GoCycle GX, we praised the bike thanks to its torque sensor effortlessly measuring when you’re generating enough power to kick the motor into action. Fast acceleration and easy cruising made the bike an absolute pleasure to ride.

The 2020 GoCycle GX is available to order now and costs £2899. Optional extras including mudguards, lights and a front pannier. We hope to bring you a full review soon.