Stunning iPhone 11 photos tease iPad Pro-style new 2019 iPhone design

If you’re not totally sold on the iPhone XS or iPhone XR this year, chances are you’ll turn your attention to 2019’s crop of new iPhones, likely headlined by the iPhone 11.

Little is known about the iPhone 11, or iPhone XI as it could end up being called, but thanks to some clever design work on the part of Gamersky, we’ve now got an idea of what Apple’s next iPhone might look like.

The iPhone 11 concepts show a device that borrows heavily from the new iPad Pro (2018) in its design, which looks even more streamlined than this year’s iPhone lineup, which also includes the super-sized iPhone XS Max.

A teeny notch appears to be maintained at the top of the display where the front camera is housed, but the near all-screen design looks familiar and as beautiful as we’ve come to expect from Apple’s handsets.

Most intriguing is that this imagining of the 2019 iPhone sees Apple dropping its proprietary Lightning port in favour of the more widely used USB-C standard – just like this year’s iPad Pro update did.

As ever with fan concepts, these iPhone 11 photos are based on nothing more than guesswork at this stage, but we can absolutely see Apple making some of the minor design refinements they suggest.

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