2.5in Laptop HDDs Rocket To 320GB

Something of welcome growth spurt.

It seems Toshiba isn’t going to let Samsung have all the headlines today…

Following the latter’s size busting 160GB 1.8incher, Toshiba has jumped in to announce a (potentially more practical) humongous 320GB laptop friendly 2.5 incher.

The dual platter ‘MK3252GSX’ has an industry leading aerial density of 254Gbit per square inch with 160GB per platter and comes equipped with the company’s ‘Free Fall Sensor’ technology which detects sudden movements and lifts the drive head away from the disk protecting the data.

At 5,400RPM the MK3252GSX isn’t among the fastest drives on the market but it does come with a large 16MB buffer and is perfect for users with a need for heavy data storage on the move.

“Digital media archiving, photo management and video capture have all exploded since the rise of social networking and user generated content sites,” explained Martin Larsson, General Manager, Toshiba’s Europe Storage Device Division. “Our new hard drives offer both ample capacity and substantial performance to ensure that the end user experience when using these applications never falters.”

Toshiba hasn’t priced or dated the MK3252GSX yet but expect to soon see the likes of Alienware and VoodooPC throwing two of them into large desktop replacements and cranking out a whopping 640GB of HDD storage.

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