1GB iPod nano Mooted

Pricing seems to be the all-important factor.

The superstylish hit of the year (and one of my Chrimbo picks), the iPod nano has been a rip snorting success. It is perhaps no surprise then to heard Apple is considering expanding its line up with a more affordable version.


1GB is the mooted capacity according to whispers at Apple HQ and I’ve no doubts it would be a tremendous success. What Job’s lot is no doubt bearing in mind, however, is whether such a move would have a detrimental effect on sales of its equally popular Shuffle. The Shuffle (despite any logic I can see) sells by the bucket load and reports from Yankie land say it has even sold out of 1GB models until mid January.

So making a 1GB nano would be great, but pricing I suspect is the big factor hear. A 1GB nano would have to be affordable (that’s the point), but retain enough of a gap from the Shuffle range not to cull it in a single shot. It also must watch its price doesn’t go too close to a 2GB nano thus destroying the whole point.

Things should become clearer early next year when Apple is expected to reveal a revised and shrunk range of Shuffles with even lower price tags. This could create the gab between the two lines that the company needs for a 1GB nano. Fingers crossed…

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