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Nimbus’ mammoth 100TB SSD is now the world’s largest storage of its kind

A new SSD from Nimbus Data has taken the crown for being the largest solid state hard drive in the world with a massive 100TB capacity. 

The new drive, named the ExaDrive DC100, is unlikely to ever make it to the consumer market. This is a server drive through and through, but that doesn’t make its the prospect of its 100TB of 3D NAND flash memory any less salivating.

Nevertheless, if even some of the technology behind this massive drive trickles down into consumer products, we can surely hope that some much bigger SSDs are just around the corner.

It’s a good time too, as the shift from physical to online game sales mean that the size of most installations is skyrocketing. The recently released Final Fantasy XV PC port required a massive 155GB of storage, while other PC ports such as Destiny 2 routinely now top 50GB. You might not need your entire music library stored on your PC these days, but your games library is more than happy to pick up the slack.

The end of capacity woes?

We’ve come a long way from the early days of SSDs. When the super-fast drives first started entering the market in around 2007, capacities were outrageously limited compared to their traditional counterparts.

As a result, for the past decade the prevailing wisdom has been to pair a small SSD boot drive with a large mechanical drive to benefit from the boot times of the former without sacrificing the capacity of the latter.

But we’ve now reached a point where going all SSD is finally an affordable option, and now even faster drive types like NMMe drives are pushing the limits of what solid state storage is capable of.

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