1.8in iPod Size Drives Hit 160GB

Could this be in the 6G range...?

The 1.8in hard drive format is a funny one. Until recently no one cared as they weren’t the norm in laptops and didn’t fit desktops, but then along came something called the iPod…

Consequently it is with great interest that I bring you news that this form factor has smashed through yet another size barrier with Samsung announcing the World’s First (it would love that) 160GB model.

The two platter drive heads up the company’s SpinPoint N2 range and operates at 4,200RPM – typical for this sector. Samsung quotes this monstrous new capacity as capable of holding up to 40,000 tracks or 100 HD quality videos, fluff since it didn’t quote bit rates of resolutions but a scary indicator of just how far our portable devices have come.

Availability and pricing have yet to be revealed but I’d expect it to slide in somewhere around the £150 mark.

So with all rumours suggesting Apple’s 6G players will be entirely flash based could this be enough to turn their heads? After all if you are (supposedly) designing a player with a large, touchscreen display with video playback at the forefront doesn’t it need more capacity than previous models, not less…?

Samsung UK

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