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How to stream The Boys Season 2: Watch the latest episodes online

Want to watch The Boys season two? Here’s what you need to know including the release date of season two, the latest trailers and information on new cast members.

After the cliffhanger of season one, the hype is through the roof to see what happens to our hapless vigilantes-cum-heroes. Will the finale’s revelation change Billy Butcher’s plans? After the damage caused by Homelander, will the world’s number one superhero be allowed to remain in the Seven without punishment? The questions are endless.

Still, it’s not long now until we see the second chapter in the war between the Boys and the supes, so for everything you need to know about The Boys season 2 – you’re in the right place.

The Boys Season 2 Release Date – When does The Boys season two start?

Set your calendars folks, The Boys Season two will premiere September 4. Just like the first season, there will be a total of eight episodes in the second season of The Boys.

Unlike most other online series, The Boys season two will release one episode a week until the season finale drops on October 9, so don’t expect to binge the entire second series in a single sitting.

How to watch The Boys Season 2 – Where can I stream The Boys?

If you’re new to the party and want to catch up, you can stream The Boys online via Amazon Prime Video. Don’t bother sniffing around the likes of Netflix or Now TV – The Boys is a Prime Video exclusive and so will only appear on Amazon’s streaming service.

The Boys Season 2 Trailer – Watch the latest The Boys trailer here

Amazon’s just dropped the latest – and presumably last – trailer for The Boys season 2 ahead of its release. There’s a lot of information to unpack from this trailer, with Starlight seemingly deciding to help The Boys in their fight against Vought International.

The new trailer also gives us a proper glimpse at season two’s new character, Stormfront. A super powered Neo-Nazi who manages to join the ranks of the Seven, Stormfront (played by Aya Cash) promises to disrupt Homelander’s squeaky clean image whilst also spelling trouble for The Boys.