3 best Chrome browser extensions for blocking everything Pokemon GO

Most people are going crazy for Pokemon GO, but what if you don’t like it and are fed up of seeing Pikachu whenever you fire up your browser? Here’s how to block everything Pokemon GO from the internet.

Flappy Bird? Craze. Fondue sets? Craze. LA Gear trainers? Craze. Pokemon GO? It’s on another level entirely.

Whether you love or loathe Pokemon GO, chances are you don’t want to hear about it every time you go online. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that don’t require you to move to a cave.

The answer comes in the form of Google Chrome extensions. The first is called Pokemon Go Away and it banishes all references of Pokemon from Facebook and Twitter.

Which is a great start, as most of us don’t give a toss who just caught a Charmander in Starbucks – if only because we’re jealous we didn’t catch it ourselves.

The second tool you’ll want at your disposal is called Pokemon NO!. It offers similar functionality but goes a step further and works on any web page. The downside of this tool is that it’s not automatic – you have to click a button for it to kick-in and remove the references.

And a third extension has cropped up in the form of PokemonGone. Based on the popular Trump Filter, the idea is the same and it represents a last line of defence against spotting the mythical critters online.

Armed with all three, you should be able to effectively banish Pokemon GO from the web.

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Turn on Pokemon Go Away by default to cleanse your social media feeds (they’ll be the most annoying), enable Pokemon NO! when you’re surfing into dangerous territory, and activate PokemonGone because, hey, it can’t really hurt, can it?

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Is Pokemon GO driving you insane or are you hooked? Let us know in the comments below.