Xbox One X Games: Titles getting HDR and 4K support

Xbox One X games bringing 4K and HDR enhancements

We now know plenty about the Xbox One X, and it looks awesome. Offering PC gaming rig-rivalling performance, despite being the smallest Xbox to date, the X is a power house console that will offer players true 4K, HDR (high dynamic range) gaming.

If you’re thinking about splashing out for the Xbox One X when it arrives in November, these are the games that will currently take advantage of its hardware and features. Look out for the ‘Enhanced for One X’ label on game marketing, which denotes extra graphical eye-candy.

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Not all the games mentioned here are exclusive to the Xbox console family, and those that are will also be available on Xbox One and One S as well, just without the One X enhancements. Indeed, many of the games here launch before the One X, so you won’t have to wait for the new console before playing them.

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We’ve compiled some of our top Xbox One X picks below, and you check out the full list on Microsoft’s website. 

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

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Release date: October 10

Warner Bros. blew everyone away with its debut trailer for Middle Earth: Shadow of War. Expanding upon everything that made its predecessor, Shadow of Mordor, so great and improving the Nemesis System to include full-blown wars looks incredible.  With so much going on on-screen at once, having the power of One X will hopefully help deliver not only stunning visuals but a consistent frame-rate, too.

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Forza Motorsport 7

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Release date: October 3

Forza games are always the most graphically stunning of any console generation, and this looks set to continue with Forza Motorsport 7, which is set to get a 4K and HDR upgrade on the Xbox One X.

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Release date: 2018

Anthem is the latest IP from Bioware, the developer behind the iconic Mass Effect and Dragon Age series of games. Set in a hostile sci-fi world, where humanity has been forced to live in a walled city, hiding from hostile giant aliens, the game puts you in the role of a Freelancer; a “hero” of humanity that protects the wall and scouts the dangerous wilderness using Iron-man style power armour.

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Metro Exodus

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Release date: 2018

With Metro Exodus, the post-nuclear wasteland will never have been prettier. Rendered in HDR and 4K during it’s E3 unveiling the game looked outright amazing. Specific details about Exodus’ plot remain unknown, but it looks set to have the same atmospheric, first person survival gameplay as past Metro titles. Which is no bad thing.

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Crackdown 3

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Release date: Spring 2018

It’s still worrying just how quiet Microsoft has been about Crackdown 3. Despite being in development for what seems like forever we’ve still seen woefully little Crackdown 3 gameplay. One thing we do know, however is that it is Xbox One X Enhanced.

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Sea of Thieves

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Release date: Early 2018

Sea of Thieves looks set to be one of the best multiplayer experiences to arrive this year. Putting you and group of mates into a pirate crew, it promises to let you loot, raid and pillage your way through the virtual world, which as it turns out will be playable in 4K and HDR on the Xbox One X.

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Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack

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Release date: Autumn

Minecraft is set to get a fresh lick of 4K and HDR paint for the Xbox One X via a cool new, free Super Duper Graphics Pack update. The update will add more textures, player skins and under the hood server upgrades. It’s one of many upgrades coming to Minecraft this year, which is set to finally be unified to work across consoles, mobile and PCs.

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm

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Release date: August 31

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel to thee BAFTA award-winning series Life is Strange. The three part adventure will put you in the shoes of 16-year-old rebel Chloe Price, and task you to help her navigate through the dark world and cope with the fallout of a mysterious family secret.

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Playerunkown's Battlegrounds

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Release date: Late 2017

Playerunkown’s Battlegrounds is a PVP game that’s been making waves on the PC for a while now. It pits 100 players against each other in an open level battle to be the last one standing. It’s set to get a 4K and HDR upgrade on the Xbox One X by the end of the year.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins

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Release date: October 27

Assassin’s Creed Origins is the latest entry into Ubisoft’s iconic series. The game takes you back to ancient Egypt and chronicles the founding of the Assassin’s group. It’s not a One X exclusive, but it still looked amazing in HDR and 4K during the E3 demo.

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Deep Rock Galactic Danger

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Release date: Early 2018


Deep Rock Galactic Danger is an Xbox exclusive. It’s a Minecraftinspired, fourplayer coopoerative shooter that tasks you and your team of go-lucky space dwarfs to escape an enormous procedurallygenerated cave system.


Dragon Ball Fighter Z

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Release date: 2018

Unlike the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 RPG, Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a straight up 2D brawler. It promises to let you rage epic 3 vs 3 team battles with the series iconic cast of characters.


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Release date: TBA

Ashen is a stylised ARPG (action role-playing game) set in a mythical world with no sun, where the only light comes from volcanic erruptions. It tasks you to go out into the dark world and battle the evil monsters that lurk in the darkness. From what we’ve seen the moody setting could make Ashen one of the best showcases of what HDR can do to increase immersion.

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The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti

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Release date: TBA

The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti is a psychedelic sideways platformer that has some pretty clear Bill and Ted influences. During the demo we saw everything epic shredding on top of a flying chariot to “musical-laser-light-battles”. If Pink Floyd and herbal “remedies” are your cup of tea, this is a game worth keeping an eye on.


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Release date: September

Cuphead is a side-scrolling, old-school, run-and-gun action game with a zany art style inspired by 1930s cartoons and jazz music. It’ll be interesting to see what enhancements Xbox One X can offer.

Code Vein

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Release date: 2018

If Dark Souls and anime are your thing then Code Vein may well be the game you’ve been waiting for. The game promises to offer brutal ARPG gameplay, coupled with Japanese animation influenced design, all rendered in beautiful 4K and HDR on the Xbox One X.

The Darwin Project

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Release date: 2018


The Darwin Project is an Xbox exclusive that aims to replicate the Hunger Games tributes. It’s a competitive third person shooter that tasks players win a battle royal in an open arena. The game promises to feature strong survival elements and a creative trap system and the ability to meddle via the interactive Mixer game streaming platform.


The Last Night

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Release date: Unknown

The Last Night is 2D action game with some pretty heavy cyber punk influences. Featuring a unique pixelated style it’ll task you to explore the world’s various districts and offer a variety of different gameplay experiences.

Super Lucky's Tale

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Release date: November 7

Super Lucky’s Tale is a kid-friendly platformer that puts you in control of energetic, ever optimistic fox Lucky as he quests to rescue the Book of Ages. Given how poorly competing games, such as Yooka-Laylee, played, this could be the best Xbox One X game for younger players.

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State of Decay 2

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Released date: 2018

State of Decay 2 is a love note to fans of the Walking Dead series. It’s an open world sandbox that tasks you to take control of a group of survivors during the zombie apocolypse and lead them to safety. Like its predecessor it’ll have advanced base building gameplay that puts as much emphaisis on people management as zombie slaying.

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