Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 2019: the best cable-free cleaners


Key features:

  • 20 mins / 13 mins run-time
  • 0.2-litre bin
  • Charging stand
  • 650g

While most cordless vacuum cleaners are designed to be as powerful and as useful as a corded model, the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 is a little different. Looking more like a dustbuster of old, the VC100 is a small, handy vacuum cleaner for picking up the odd spill quickly.

It can be wall-mounted, or just stood upright on the charging stand, so you can easily place this vacuum cleaner where you need it most.

Power lags behind other cordless models that we’ve reviewed, but the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 managed to pick up our test spills of oats and flour. It has two running modes normal and turbo, which adds that extra bit of power for picking up bigger items.

With a 20-minute run-time (13 minutes on turbo mode), this vacuum is a good option for clearing up the kitchen as you go, without having to resort to the big guns. You’ll still need a full-size vacuum cleaner for larger areas, though.

While a different cordless vacuum cleaner will be better for tackling big spills, the handiness of the Vorwerk Kobold VC100 makes it an excellent tool for tidying up as you go, whether that’s for when you’re cooking or just for cleaning off a table after dinner.