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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Year 2016

2016 saw the iOS app space develop and mature. 2009 and 2010 provided us with the basics – Twitter clients we fell in love with, great photo editing tools and better ways to consume our news. Just ticking the boxes was no longer enough in 2011, setting the makers of existing apps and those looking to make new ones a huge challenge. The iPhone and iPad app scene has become a bit a case of – how do you get something for someone with everything?

Taking a negative approach to such a challenge is to underestimate both the surprising versatility of iOS devices – given how closed-off they are – and the creativity and talent brimming over the edges of app developers. They’re a canny bunch.

To seek out the best new apps for iPad and iPhone, we’ve limited our top apps of 2011 list to things released within 2011, or very late 2010. Updates don’t count, we’re afraid, so if your favourite app isn’t here, that’s possibly why. However, feel free to add your suggestions – and criticisms – in our comments below.

With such a rich crop to choose from, the list includes apps from a diverse range of fields. There’s a better way to consume digital content, several ways to make music, apps that’ll plug the feature holes in the basic iPhone camera offering and something to let you create miniature works of art without any mess.