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Intel Skylake K series unlocked CPUs coming to laptops too

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Intel has confirmed that it will be launching a range of multipler-unlocked Skylake-K processors for laptops, bringing easy overclocking to gamers on the go.

Multiplier-unlocked versions of Intel’s desktop processors have been around for years but, up until now, they’ve never been brought to the laptop sector.

Kirk Saugen, Senior Vice President & General Manager for the Client Computing Group, made the announcement during his during his keynote speech at IDF.

As he made the announcement, Skaugen held aloft laptops by EVGA and MSI that will feature the new chips.

It remains to be seen how overclockable the chips will be, given that it’s inherently difficult to apply the hefty cooling that’s required to get good overclocks to slim, portable systems, but at least the option will be there.