The Best iPad 2 Cases

Apple’s gadgets never come with many accessories.  The iPhone 4S, iPod touch and iPad 2 are all the same – a slim box housing a USB cable, power plug, the doodad itself and not much else. If your iPad is not going to spend most of its life on the sofa, though, a case is a must. We’ve gathered together a bunch of non-Apple options you should consider.

There are three main types of case. There are simple “skins”, which try not to ruin the tablet’s curves or add too much weight. There are folio cases, offering complete protection but adding a fair bit of bulk. And there are keyboard cases. These incorporate Bluetooth keyboards to turn your iPad 2 from a toy into a tool that’ll work with, well, work.

In this case-y investigation we’ll look at all three types, and across a wide price range – from £10 to around £100. Within each entry there’s also a link to a full review of the case, delving deeper into its best bits and problems.

Have we missed out the case you use? Why not drop us a comment below, telling us why you love – or hate – your iPad 2 case?