3D Blu-Ray Movies

While most AV brands declare themselves

satisfied with the take up of new 3D technology in the home, it certainly

hasn’t been a runaway success on the same scale that, say, high definition was.

Part of the reason for this is that punters

just don’t seem to have been convinced that they really need 3D in their lives.

But also an issue is the simple fact that there still haven’t been many films

released that use the new 3D format.

Perhaps the single biggest problem 3D

supporters face right now, though, is the inconsistency of the 3D film

experience. For as we discovered in the course of sitting through 10 of the

biggest 3D Blu-ray releases currently available for this feature, the

differences in quality you get between different releases can be really quite

profound…Of the 3D Blu-ray releases compiled here,

it’s unfortunately fair to say that only half actually make effective use of 3D

and so justify a purchase over their (cheaper) 2D versions.

Which is pretty bad news, really, when you

consider how few ‘A-List’ 3D titles there are available on Blu-ray in the first

place. The iffy quality of some of the 3D titles out there right now is also

potentially disastrous to the AV industry’s hopes of winning the public to its

3D cause. After all, it’s pretty easy to imagine a scenario where somebody who

has a poor first experience of 3D simply never bothers with it again.

All in all, the only conclusion that can be

reached on the 3D Blu-ray evidence so far is that Hollywood must try harder.