Shark Anti Hair Wrap with Powered Lift-Away and TruePet AZ910UKT

Key features:

  • Anti-hair wrap brushes
  • Three cleaning modes
  • Animal Pet Tool
  • Corded upright
  • Lift away mode

The product name, Shark Anti Hair Wrap with Powered Lift-Away and TruePet AZ910UKT, says it all, but it’s worth a bit of a better description. First, the Anti Hair Wrap technology means that this vacuum cleaner won’t get its roller clogged with hair, thanks to a clever comb system. It works brilliantly, both with human hair and pet hair.

Next, as the name says, the Powered Lift-Away, means that you can ditch the floor head and carry around a smaller cylinder for really getting into tight areas, from stairs to the inside of the car. This gives the AZ910UKT a huge amount of flexibility that other upright vacuum cleaners don’t have.

And, the TruePet name tells you that the AZ910UKT has been designed to pick up pet hair, which is does brilliantly. Thanks to the powerful motor, this vacuum works brilliantly, sucking up dirt quickly on one pass. We love the DuoClean head, too, which works well on carpet and on hard floors.

If you’re looking for a powered vacuum cleaner with the flexibility to act a bit like a cordless model when you need it, the AZ910UKT is the model for you.