Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners 2018: 8 great portable cleaners


Key Features

  • 5.1kg cordless upright & 3.3kg cordless handheld in one
  • Up to 50-minute battery life with boost mode
  • 1-litre bagless dust bin
  • Review Price: £250

The Vax Air Cordless Lift is a rather clever hybrid as it’s effectively a conventional upright and a handheld in one. Even as an upright it weighs a manageable 5.1kg, but the cylinder element lifts out to become a 3.3kg handheld that’s easy to carry up and down stairs.

Unlike the Gtech, it’s a fully fledged vacuum cleaner and comes with a decent set of tools to deal with all sorts of jobs. It comes with two removable batteries and a charging dock that lasts 25 minutes or so each, which is more than enough time to get even large homes done. It cleans well in most cases, though its edge cleaning isn’t great, so you’ll need the crevice tool quite often.