Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners 2018: 8 great portable cleaners

Gtech AirRam

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Key Features

  • 3.5kg cordless upright vacuum cleaner
  • 40-minute battery life
  • Low-profile design
  • Review Price: £200

The Gtech AirRam is a popular example of a new breed of cordless vacuums. The convenience of a cordless is important, but the fact that the Gtech AirRam weighs just 3.5kg is another reason it’s so popular. Most of the weight is low down, too, making it very easy to carry and move around.

It work doesn’t like most vacuum cleaners and doesn’t clean quite as well as a result, but it’s still a useful cleaner that’s great as a lighter, easier-to-use backup to your main cleaner. It’s the machine you get out for quick spot cleans.

It has no attachments, though, so you’ll need something else to do the stairs and other tricky areas.