Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners 2018: 8 great portable cleaners


Key Features

  • 2.3kg handstick cordless vacuum cleaner
  • 20-minute battery life with trigger mechanism
  • Trio of specialised cleaning heads
  • Review Price: £400

The Dyson V6 Fluffy is the lightest vacuum in our selection. While its 20-minute run time sounds prohibitively short, its trigger system ensures it’s only powered when you’re actually cleaning. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much cleaning you can get done in 20 minutes.

It helps that the Fluffy is an outstanding cleaner. It comes with a brilliant ‘Fluffy’ head that’s designed for hard floors. It specialises in scooping up large debris with ease, while there are separate powered brush tools for carpets and furniture. It’s a complete package and its design makes it very versatile – it fits under most furniture and is perfect for cars, stairs and even kitchen tops.

The only bad thing about it is the price and the small 0.4-litre bin – it needs emptying after each session, normally. If you can’t stomach the cost, consider the £100 cheaper Dyson V6