5 Game series that have lost their way


If the GTA 5 reviews are anything to go by, Rockstar Games gets a resounding thumbs-up for its latest instalment of the open world crime-fest. After roaming the Liberty City streets in GTA IV more than five years ago, Rockstar has managed to keep the series fresh by building a larger world, creating new gameplay elements and keeping the humour and the music that’s become synonymous with the series.

Keeping the standards so high cannot be easy.

GTA is in the small minority when it comes to successfully delivering consistently great games right from the start. Not all game franchises are so fortunate, especially when you decide to bring a new game out every year.

Like the last three Star Wars films and long-running US shows like the Simpsons, sometimes you got to know when to throw the towel in, or take a break to come up with some new ideas. Case in point, these are five game franchises that have lost their way.