5 Concepts From CES 2014 We Wish Were Real

Whirlpool cooktop

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Stepping into the kitchen of the future, Whirlpool’s touchscreen cooking surface envisages a place where you can display information from a smartphone or tablet to help you multitask more effectively when you are putting together a meal.

The voice controlled set-up will be able to display recipes, walk you through instructions conveniently placed alongside the ingredients and even check Twitter or Facebook. If you are planning a dinner party, the interactive surface will also recommend particular music to accompany certain meals and even remind you of what food your guests dislike or are allergic to.

When you need to actually get cooking, simply place the pots on top and an interface will pop up to let you adjust temperature and cooking time. Still at ‘mockup’ stage, we are probably still some way from the Whirlpool cookingtop being the real deal.