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5 Concepts From CES 2014 We Wish Were Real

Toshiba 5-in-1 laptop

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Forget a laptop that just turns into tablet, Toshiba wants to get more out of the notebook experience with its sleek, 5-in-1 concept.

Although Toshiba has not spoken about what specifications to expect, it has said the alumnium 13.3-inch laptop will work as a standard notebook and hosts a kickstand, detachable keyboard and touchscreen display.

The laptop can be propped up in ‘canvas’ mode to make it handy for drawing with a stylus and a ‘presentation/TV’ mode to watch films. The last two modes are a desktop mode to use it like an all-in-one desktop PC and a tablet mode when you need something more portable.

If it ever goes into production, the 5-in-1 laptop could even run on dual boot Android and Windows 8 operating systems although we have yet to see that OS combination truly perfected.