Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 2019: the best cable-free cleaners


Key features:

  • 60-min/12-min run-times; 4.5hr charge time
  • Three detail tools
  • Wall dock supplied
  • 3.05kg
  • Three powered floor heads
  • HEPA filtration

Last year’s Dyson Cyclone V10 was a pivotal moment: it marked Dyson’s shift away from developing new corded models, with only new cordless models to come. This year, we’ve got the second product to come out, the Dyson V11. Although it looks very similar to the V10, the V11 has several improvements.

First, is the screen on the back. This may seem like an odd thing to include, but it shows you the battery time remaining in minutes, which is far more useful than the V10’s set of LEDs that only show rough charge remaining. This display also shows you which power mode you’re in (Eco, Medium or Burst), and can show you what to do if your vacuum develops a problem.

Dyson has boosted the power of the V11, making it a step up from the V10. There’s a larger battery, too, which now delivers up to an hour of cleaning using the motorised floor head; the V10 had up to an hour of battery life but only with non-powered heads. And, there’s now the High Torque brush head, which sends feedback to the main unit to adjust power on the fly to suit the surface: you get more suction on carpet and a gentler suction on hard floors.

Most importantly, the V11 is an excellent performer, cleaning up everything that we could throw at it. With this model, you can safely throw away your corded model and go battery powered. This is not on the best cordless vacuum cleaner but the best vacuum cleaner.