Best Xbox Live Games 2016


We pick out the top games available on Xbox Live for Xbox One and Xbox 360

With each passing month, the Xbox One and Xbox 360 libraries continue to grow and strengthen. The Xbox One in particular has a vast game collection that’s just dying for your attention.

Looking past the AAA blockbusters to the Xbox Live store, there’s more gems lurking there too – especially thanks to the new ID@Xbox service that allows developers to self-publish their titles, and the new Xbox One Game Preview that acts in a similar way to Steam’s Early Access.

Although the Xbox Live store has gained tonnes of new titles over the past year, which can be quite overwhelming, you’ll find that tehre are some truly brilliant indie titles that you deserve to play.

So that’s where we come in. We’ve hand-picked 20 top notch Xbox One and Xbox 360 Xbox Live games that you should play at least once in your time as an Xbox owner.

There are four new additions this time around, ranging from the latest point-and-click from Telltale Games – Minecraft: Story Mode – to the celebratory Rare Replay, which packs 30 games into one affordable bundle.

But there’s also two Game Preview titles that are absolute must-plays: ARK: Survival Evolved and The Long Dark. Both see you fighting for your survival, but the first has tonnes of dinosaurs to tame and ride, while The Long Dark is a thoughtful, snow-filled challenge.

Use the drop down menu to read more about a specific title, or use the arrow below to take it at a more leisurely pace:

If you think we’ve missed any titles that you put in your top Xbox Live games, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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