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Best Wii U Virtual Console Games

Super Metroid

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Originally released: 1994
Price: £5.49

Considered to be one of the finest SNES titles in existance, Super Metroid’s impact on players in the early ’90s cannot be understated.

It took the mechanics of the NES original and added a massive, non-linear game world which, in turn, inspired an entire sub-genre of games that would later become known as “Metroidvania”, thanks to Konami’s equally excellent Castlevania: Symphony of the Night borrowing Super Metroid’s gear-gated structure.

Despite being over 20 years old, this 16-bit gem stands up incredibly well today, and looks positively glorious on the Wii U Gamepad.

Perfect design, tightly-constructed levels and a sense of foreboding that has since been carried across very well to the Metroid Prime sub-series, Super Metroid is simply superb.