Best Wii U Games 2016



Developed by: Nintendo

Beaten to market by a matter of weeks by its portable 3DS sibling, this is one of the biggest releases of the year for Nintendo. For the uninitiated, Smash Bros. is essentially a fighting game where all of the company’s most famous characters – plus a few outside favourites – face off in a battle to the finish.
Like its handheld counterpart, Smash Bros. on Wii U has a massive roster of fighters and plenty of locations to do battle in, but it also contains an exclusive 8-player mode and a new game feature known as Smash Tour, which is basically the most insane board game you’ve ever played.
Add in some amazing visuals, excellent online features and so much content you’ll still be playing well into 2015, and you’ve got one of the most stunning Wii U titles so far. Just make sure you have plenty of friends – not to mention controllers – so you can indulge in that wonderfully bonkers 8-player mode as much as humanly possible.