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Best VR Games 2018: All the best games for your headset


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Available on: Oculus Rift
Price: Free

OK, so not technically a game, but instead a Pixar-inspired animated short. Henry tells the tale of a little hedgehog bereft of friends due to his spiky form, and what it does is show the potential of TV with VR.

As the viewer you control the camera, and are able to view anything you want within the room. Combined with 3D audio, the level of immersion is unparalleled. Being able to lean, peer and basically snoop around Henry’s house as he goes about his day is quite an experience, and the perfect way to get used to how VR works.

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There are plenty of visual-only experiences, and they’re all worth watching just for the engrossing experience of VR (and again, another great way to show your friends the tech’s potential).

You’ll probably have seen the many videos on YouTube of some poor, unknowing person ending up flying around a VR rollercoaster and struggling to deal with it. Don’t do this to your friends and family – unless of course it’s really, really funny.