Best Tech of the Month May 2016

Looking for the best tech to buy? Here’s our top 5 rated gadgets from the past month including a 65-inch 4K TV great, a stellar-sounding pair of on-ear headphones and the cheapest 4G smartphone around.

It’s almost the end of the month, there’s a long weekend on the horizon so there’s an extra day to decide whether to invest in some brand new tech.

Looking back at our month in reviews, there’s been plenty of cutting-edge kit that has made its way into TrustedReviews HQ in May including the metallic offspring of the HTC One M8, the One Mini 2, the £80 Moto E, and NEX-6 replacement the Sony Alpha A6000.

We clocked in some game time with Mario Kart 8 and got some hands-on time with social racer Driveclub, LG’s new WebOS TV interface and a Miele robotic vacuum cleaner.

Some of the tech has impressed, others have simply been a major disappointment. We’ve picked out the gadgets we loved the most and would love to own.