Best Stand Mixers 2018: 7 best mixers for all your baking needs

Whether you fancy yourself a future Bake Off contestant or you’re just starting out on your baking journey, our pick of the best stand mixers on the market right now should help you choose the perfect mixer for you. 

There’s plenty to consider when buying a stand mixer. That includes how quietly it runs, how thoroughly it mixes and how many tools it has. Most machines offer different colour options too, so you can even make sure it matches your kitchen tiles.

We’ve carefully sized up every machine in this round up for price, efficiency, functionality, usability and style, narrowing it down to seven brilliant options for you to choose from.

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Best for small kitchens

Key features: 

  • 250W DC motor
  • Flat beater, dough hook and wire whip
  • Stainless steel 3.3-litre bowl
  • H31.2 x W31.2 x D19.8cm

For those with a smaller batch lifestyle, the KitchenAid Mini is the perfect pint-sized mixer. It’s 20% smaller and 25% lighter than its famous Bake Off sibling, the KitchenAid Artisan (also included in this roundup).

However, the former’s bijou size doesn’t mean it skimps on skills. It comes with three tools for all of your beating, kneading and whipping needs, and can even use the same optional hub attachments as the Artisan.

The number slider controls on the front of the unit are easy to use and move smoothly through the speeds with a gentle lift. If you’re a stickler for getting that mixing speed just right, you’ll be in awe of the KitchenAid Mini’s incredibly precise speed range, which spans from ½ to 10.

We love that despite its smaller size, the machine is weighted nicely at 6.5kg, meaning it won’t shuffle around your worktop while in use.

Buy now at from £399

At the time of the review, the KitchenAid Mini was available for £399

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Best for a small budget

Key features:

  • 1,000W motor
  • Stainless steel 4.3-litre bowl
  • Three attachments, plus a citrus press, juicer and blender
  • H29 x W24.7 x D40cm

The Kenwood MultiOne claims to be “One Solution for Everything”, which is a noble feat given its humble price tag.

While it resembles a stand mixer and comes with attachments for whipping, beating and kneading, it also functions as a juicer, citrus press, multi-tooled food processor, mincer and blender. In fact, when laid out, its impressive array of tools look more like a Meccano set than a set of kitchen accoutrements.

This machine’s accessories do make it a little tricky to assemble, but once you’ve cracked it, using it should become a doddle. Its sheer functionality outweighs any cons here, too – its blender is a smoothie lover’s dream, and the citrus press will suit your juicing needs perfectly.

Yearning for a solid kitchen mixer, but not sure if you want to commit every single weekend to baking? Choose this solid performer and enjoy mid-week homemade burgers, juices and finely chopped veg until you’re ready.

Buy now at for £200

At the time of the review, the Kenwood MultiOne was available for £280

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Best for power

Key features:

  • 1200W motor
  • Flat beater, scraper beater, dough hook and wire whisk
  • 3.8-litre stainless steel bowl and 4.7-litre borosilicate glass bowl
  • H35.8 x W41 x D21.5cm

The Sage Bakery Boss is a mixer for those who are serious about baking, with stacks of features to make your baking experience better.

These include a digital timer, an in-bowl light and four tools, including a scraper beater that cuts your mixing time by 60%.

The build quality separates it from the more run-of-the-mill mixers too, with metal gears that won’t strain under heavy loads. Even its design has been well considered, and makes it really easy to operate.

We made cakes, dough and biscuits in our test and the Bakery Boss performed well on each one – chomping through heavier mixtures where others struggle.

Even better is that this is at the more affordable end of the spectrum for this kind of machine, but we do wish it would offer the ability to use hub attachments. It’s not all dishwasher-friendly either, so be prepared to do some cleaning up afterwards.

At the time of the review, the Sage Bakery Boss was available for £399.95

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Smeg SMF01

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Best for displaying with pride

Key features:

  • 800W direct-drive motor
  • Stainless steel 4.8-litre bowl
  • Three tools and a ring-shaped pouring shield with spout
  • H37.5 x W40.2 x D22.1cm

Yes, it’s totally gorgeous – but the Smeg SMF01 is much more than eye candy. Look beyond the slender, shiny exterior and beautiful details such as its gearstick-style speed knob and you’ll find features galore.

There are three attachments, a 4.8-litre bowl, 10 speeds, anti-slip feet, and an outlet for optional extras, such as a spaghetti cutter and meat grinder.

With its planetary mixing motion and powerful motor, the Smeg SMF01 makes sure no shred of mixture is left unmixed. A ring-shaped pouring shield with a spout fits around the top of the mixing bowl, leaving enough room for the attachments to rotate, yet allowing ingredients to be added while they’re in motion.

Sure, there are cheaper mixers that can do a similar job to the Smeg SMF01, but they’re nowhere near as pretty. This is what’s going to swing it for anyone who’s after a more design-led stand mixer.

Buy now at from £350

At the time of the review, the Smeg SMF01 was available for £380

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Best for noise control

Key features:

  • 300W motor with 10 mixing speeds
  • Stainless steel 4.8-litre bowl
  • Three tools and 28 colour options
  • H35 x W22 x D39cm

It was good enough to grace the contestants’ workstation on this year’s Great British Bake Off, and it’s certainly good enough for this roundup. What the KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L lacks in attachments – there are only three – it makes up for in speed and efficiency, whisking, whipping and kneading stealthily and silently.

This is a particularly mess-conscious machine, with a slow-start function to each of its 10 speed settings that ensures you don’t end up looking like a floury snowman the minute you switch it on.

Having a pouring shield is a big advantage, too – although you’ll probably find it hard to miss that cavernous 4.8-litre mixing bowl.

The other great boon with the KitchenAid Artisan is that there’s a hub for attaching more tools if you wish, such as food grinders and pasta makers. That might get pricey, but you might as well squeeze all the potential out of what’s sure to become a centrepiece in your kitchen.

Buy now at for £350

At the time of the review, the KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L was available for £400

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Best for smart features

Key features:

  • 500W motor
  • Stainless steel 5-litre bowl
  • Four tools, including a flexible creaming beater
  • H34.9 x W22.3 x D36.1cm

A more contemporary take on the classic model, but with all the beating, whipping, creaming and kneading prowess of the original, the Kenwood kMix KMX5 is a stylish workhorse.

From a soft start for minimal spills, to an electronic sensor that’s been designed to maintain speed under different load conditions, the list of smart features is an impressive one. And what baker can resist that charmingly retro look?

Four tools – a flexible creaming beater, dough hook, K-beater and whisk – provide excellent versatility, plus a cover flips off at the front to reveal a socket for additional attachments, such as a meat grinder.

We love the slow-fold speed option, which gently blends light ingredients into heavier mixes, such as mousses and soufflés – much better than accidentally overdoing it by hand. There’s also a “Total Mixing” option, which cleans up the bowl to make sure every bit of your mixture is blended in. No surprises that this efficient, compact machine received five stars from us.

At the time of the review, the Kenwood kMix KMX5 was available for £430

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Best for multi-tasking

Key features:

  • 1,000W motor
  • Three tools and a shredding attachment
  • Stainless steel 3.9-litre bowl with splashguard
  • H28.2 x W28 x D27.1cm

Part stand mixer, part multi-functional kitchen machine – if the Transformers did small appliances, they’d look like this. The Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine is equipped with a three-zone moveable arm, seven mixing speeds and all the attachments and functions you’d expect from a premium price mixer – but without the premium price tag.

In its stand mixer role, it beats, mixes, whisks and kneads, while a continuous feed shredder covers five types of chopping, slicing and shredding both finely and coarsely, and grating. A citrus press attachment transforms it into a juicer, plus there’s a mincing attachment for meat, and a blender.

Add to that a large-capacity mixing bowl and a handy storage bag for all of those precious tools, and you’ve got yourself a versatile, powerful mixer for every stage of food prep.

Buy now at from £283

At the time of the review, the Bosch MUM59340GB Kitchen Machine was available for £260

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