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Best Sat Nav Apps Round-up

Nokia HERE Drive

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Best sat nav app for Windows Phone

Key features:

  • Offline maps for 97 countries included for free
  • 3D buildings and street-level views
  • Find My Car provides walking directions back to the last known location of a vehicle

Here Drive is unique in that you can download UK & Ireland maps for offline use at no extra cost. You can then choose to use an Internet connection to improve searches and provide traffic updates if you want, or remain offline and keep your mobile data usage down.

The menu and user interface are really simple, with few colours, lots of big, bold instructions and clear icons. The settings and options menu is hidden at the bottom of the screen, and only appears when you swipe up, which means you’re not distracted while looking at the map.

As the name suggests, HERE Drive only provides directions for when you’re in the car – there’s no public transport, cycling or walking options. Routing options are limited to fastest or geographically shortest and that’s it. You can choose to avoid motorways, toll roads, ferries and tunnels, but there’s no alternative route offered. Traffic information influences the route, but remains fairly out-of-sight during the navigation, unlike CoPilot which will recommend a quicker way if the conditions change after you set off on your journey.

The app found our test destinations well, but didn’t know what side of the road they’d be on. The search function is simple to use – you don’t have to jump through loads of hoops or select a category of destination and you can get directions within seconds of opening the app.

The voice guidance is quite clear, and you can download multiple voices for free when connected to the internet. HERE Drive lacks speed camera alerts, but the app does have information on speed limits, so while you won’t be warned about accident blackspots, you can at least know the recommended speed to be travelling at on an unfamiliar road. You can also get walking directions back to where you parked up, through the app’s Find My Car feature.

Our biggest gripe is the fact that Nokia HERE Drive is only available for Windows Mobile devices, as it’d be a worthy addition to your Android device or Apple iPhone.

Price: Free