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Best Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus cases

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a stunning bit of kit and the phone of 2017 so far. Its expansive Infinity Display, sleek, flowing lines, metal frame and glass back all combine to create a phone that isn’t only easy on the eye, but a device that you’ll actively want to show off.


While the Galaxy S8 might be a design success, it isn’t the most robust of devices. Yes, thanks to IP68 certification it’s dust-resistant and waterproof to 1.5 metres for 30 minutes – but an accidental drop onto concrete will see it become a spider’s web of broken glass, both front and back.

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Not only that, but the Galaxy S8’s stunning finish could quickly become tainted with scuffs and scratches as the rigours of daily life take their toll. Unless you wrap the phone in a protective case, that is.

There are already dozens of Samsung Galaxy S8 cases out there that would adequately do the job of becoming a protective bubble for your high-end handset. Whether you’re after a cover that will protect your shiny new smartphone from a gentle knock or a building site mishap, there are a range of options just waiting to fulfil your needs.

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The following are the pick of the crop – the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases available right now.

Samsung LED View Cover

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Having splashed out on the Galaxy S8, it makes sense that the first place you’d look for a decent case to protect your new phone is through Samsung itself. The Korean manufacturer is offering a variety of own-brand protectors – but its LED View Cover is our pick of the bunch.

While the canvas outer gives it a sleek, refined look, this is a case that’s as much about feature adding as it is phone protection. While a plastic shell holds your phone firmly in place, LED lighting built within the cover relays real-time notifications through the case’s reinforced shell.

As well as the time, you can get call notifications and message alerts – all without having to open the folio cover. Transmitted to the case via battery-friendly NFC, you can even choose from 54 special LED icons to determine what type of message you’re receiving and from whom. As a bonus, a soft-touch inner will keep the S8’s stunning screen in pristine condition.

Buy Now at from £32 | from $59

At time of review the Samsung LED View Cover was available for £49.99

Tech 21 Pure Clear

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 is arguably the best-looking phone ever made. A case shouldn’t hide the device’s elegant style and sweeping curved lines then. For that you need Tech21’s Pure Clear case.

This is a case that’s so thin and light that you’ll quickly forget it’s there. The Pure Clear claims to protect the S8 from drops north of 2 metres, to stop it succumbing to an untimely demise of splintered glass and metal.

Reinforced corners and BulletShield protection-enhanced sides give this transparent case added phone-saving bonus points, while the scratch-resistant rubber material has been stretched out slightly over the phone’s front to protect it from screen-down drops.

Buy Now at from £29.95

At time of review the Tech 21 Pure Clear was available for £29.99.

Beyza Arya Folio

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The Galaxy S8 is a high-end piece of tech; it’s a sophisticated device with a luxurious finish. It’s deserving of a similarly high-end-styled case then, such as Beyza’s Arya Folio.

This folio case has been hand-crafted from genuine leather to offer protection that looks as luxurious as the phone within. A plastic shell keeps the phone locked in place, while the slim-line leather surround offers protection while enhancing the phone’s looks but not its bulk.

A soft, suede inner will further protect your S8’s screen from scuffs and scratches, while an integrated pouch is the perfect place to store a couple of bank cards and some paper money. As a bonus, the case can be folded back to double as a sleek smartphone stand – perfect for making use of that beautiful Infinity Display.

Buy it here: MobileFun

At time of review the Beyza Arya Folio was available for £29.99.

Olixar X-Duo

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For those who want to wrap up their S8 in something other than leather, the Olixar X-Duo offers plenty of protection without skimping on the looks.

The two-part case uses more affordable materials such as plastic and rubber. A rubber, smartphone-hugging body offers plenty of handset cushioning, and a plastic surround brings solid impact protection to the mix.

Bringing a bit of much-needed grip to the phone, the X-Duo is finished with a metal-effect surround and carbon-fibre-inspired body. The result is a case that looks worthy of 007’s pocket and one that could stand up to his lifestyle, too.

Buy Now at from £19.99 | from $24.99

At time of review the Olixar X-Duo was available for £19.99

Obliq Slim Meta

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Rugged is the best way to describe this hardy S8 case. With a rubber inner and plastic outer, the Obliq Slim Meta offers plenty of protection against rough and tough smartphone treatment – without adding excessive bulk to the S8’s svelte 8mm form.

The phone’s stunning edge-encompassing design is still visible and accessible, while a slight screen overhang helps protect that delightful display from cracking upon an unfortunate screen-first impact. The case’s drop protection is further enhanced by impact-absorbing air-cushioned corners, and an anti-shock cutout that disperses the impact.

What’s more, the case is available in a variety of metallic hues, boasts the standard array of cut-outs, plus button covers keep the phone’s core features accessible for use. All this while ensuring none of them can become damaged in the event of a significant drop.

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At time of review the Obliq Slim Meta was available for £18.99.

Tech21 Evo Wallet

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Okay, so this might not be the most stylish Galaxy S8 case on the market, but its simplistic looks are just a front for one of the most versatile S8 accessories around. A folio case with a difference, the Evo Wallet lets you ditch the protective wrap-around front whenever you like, popping out from the drop-friendly rubberised rear.

While a replacement panel lets you rock the case without the folio, when the front is attached, your phone is protected from drops of more than 3 metres – that’s well above head height. There’s also room for storing a couple of bank cards on the dual-layered front, a soft touch inner and a hardwearing canvas outer.

Essentially two cases in one, the Evo Wallet is a versatile add-on, and one that will attune itself to your changing styles and needs while offering the reinforced corners of serious smartphone safety.

At time of review the Tech21 Evo Wallet was available for £39.99

Olixar ArmourDillo

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Put bluntly, the Olixar ArmourDillo is the cockroach of S8 cases, the one that will still be around after the end of the world.

Beyond rugged, this reinforced case will save your S8 whatever abuse you throw at it. While an inner TPU case cushions the phone in the event of a drop, a toughened, impact-resistant exoskeleton can take the brunt of a blow and distribute the energy safely across the entirety of the device, rather than focusing it on a single impact point.

But the ArmourDillo is about more than simply being a hardy phone saviour. A built-in kickstand means you can prop up your S8 while sat at a desk or on a train or plane to enjoy some widescreen movie-viewing hands-free. Strong and smart – a formidable combination.

Buy Now at from £14.99 | from $16.99

At time of review the Olixar ArmourDillo was available for £14.99