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Olixar Leather-Style Galaxy S6 Wallet case

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Synthetic leather makes another appearance in the form of Olixar’s Leather-Style Wallet case. It’s available in brown, blue, pink and black variations, and is designed to protect the S6 from minor impacts.

In terms of looks, it’s not a roaring success. The exterior is clearly not real leather, and the fold running down the back is an eyesore.  Why’s it there? The case doubles up as a phone stand, propping the S6 up at the ideal angle for watching TV shows. There’s also a handy pocket cut into the microfiber inner lining, where you can store credit cards and train tickets. The exterior is soft to the touch and pleasantly grippy too.  

The S6 itself clips into a plastic shell inside the case, which covers its corners and sides. The plastic itself is thin and feels fairly flimsy, though it does feature cutouts for the camera and volume and power keys. While the top and bottom edges are left exposed by the hard shield, the synthetic leather juts out just beyond them, keeping them sheltered.

Our biggest issue with the case is that it doubles the thickness of the S6, making it tough to squeeze into your trouser pockets. Unlike with Samsung’s official cases, you have to remember to switch off the S6’s display before closing the front cover too.

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At time of review the Olixar Leather-Style Galaxy S6 Wallet case was available for £15.99.