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Best Samsung Galaxy S6 Cases

Official Galaxy S6 Clear View Cover case

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Another official case from Samsung, the Clear View Cover is the most expensive model in our round-up, costing close to £50. It’s available in silver and two shades of blue, as well as the garish shade of gold we wish we hadn’t opted for.

Like the S View, it’s a flip case that protects the S6’s front, back, corners and left side. The phone clips into the plastic shell inside, while a front cover swings open and shut over the screen. The front panel is translucent, allowing you to view things like the time and date, incoming calls, messages and battery life without flipping it open. You can also manage them through the case, as it’s touch-compliant.

Great news for vain S6 owners – when the display’s off, the front cover acts as a mirror. Unfortunately, it also picks up fingerprints easily and is almost as slippery as the S6 itself.

The right-hand side and top and bottom edges are left exposed, and there’s a dedicated cutout for the rear camera. Despite consisting of both front and rear parts, the Clear View Cover only adds a couple of millimetres to the S6’s thickness, and easily slides in and out of pockets.  

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At time of review the Official Galaxy S6 Clear View Cover case was available for £44.99.