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Tech21 Impact Tactical

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A Samsung Galaxy S5 case primed to protect against drops, the Tech21 Impact Tactical is a relatively slim case that guards the backs, sides and corners of your Android handset. The soft, matte black case is extremely flexible, making it easy to slip the S5 into, and unlike the Tech21 Herringbone case for the HTC One M8, the orange D30 impact absorbing material is concealed inside the case. There are cut outs up top, at the bottom and around the back with embedded buttons for the standby button and volume rocker.

The Impact Tactical weighs 35g, which added to the S5 (145g) pushes the phone closer to 200g. At 11mm thick, it adds a few millimetres in thickness but it doesn’t feel like a considerable amount once it’s on. The matte black body has a surprisingly nice feel to it in the hand and slips nicely in and out of a pocket. While the back of the case fails to match the vastly improved dimpled design on the S5 it does hug the case sufficiently to help maintain that slim form factor. One issue we did spot is that the standby button is very stiff making it very difficult to push through the case to turn the phone on and off.

Aside from small niggling issues, there’s plenty to like about this case. It’s quick and easy to remove and hiding the impact absorbing D30 material prevents the Tactical from looking entirely tacky. We’d defintiely pick one of the brighter colour versions but as form of slimline protection, this is a decent choice.
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At time of review the Tech21 Impact Tactical was available for £24.99.