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Samsung Flip Wallet Cover

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Another official case from Samsung, the Flip Wallet is not too dissimilar from the S View, but it lacks the window up front to access the quick glance interface. It’s a folio-style cover as well and uses the same synthetic black leather to try and give it a more expensive-looking exterior. Inside, there’s a card slot that is big enough for a credit card or Oyster card and will let you tap in or pay for things through the case. The S5 clips into the sensor chip, which means you need to take off the removable back as well. There are magnets inside the front of the case so it will also awaken the S5 when it’s opened or put it to sleep when closed.

Small window aside, it’s a very similar experience carrying it around and to hold. It does feel a little more slippery in comparison to the more expensive S View cover but it’s still a slim, handset-hugging case that doesn’t feel particularly heavy or cumbersome. It suffers from some of the same issues, though, like the black line across the camera UI when taking a picture with the phone inside the case and the annoying lack of a pull tab or fastener to hold the two parts of the case together.

Despite its fake leather looks, the Flip Wallet is a smart solution and while it might be low on truly rugged protection, it’s definitely a case for someone who wants something edging towards the more stylish, Proporta-style of cases.

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At time of review the Samsung Flip Wallet Cover was available for £29.99.

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